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About Us

We are a family owned company that was established in 1991 in Central Anatolia, Aksaray. Today, we maintain over 3000 vintage Isparta rugs in our stock at our warehouse in Aksaray. Over the years, we have collected an extensive amount of genuine Turkish rugs from villages and remote cities of Turkey which had been hand-woven in mid-1900. These rugs had been gifted to brides as wedding presents, which were never used and kept in a safe corner of the house. We have been collecting these particular rugs, which are now very valuable and becoming rarer by time passes.

We do not compromise on quality. We always pick the best rugs when stocking, we use the best yarn for stitching, and top quality textile dyes for coloring. The cotton twill that we use at the back of patchwork rugs are of highest possible quality. Our customer satisfaction rate is very high. We also offer 14 day money back guarantee. Please see returns section for details.

We only sell hand-knotted carpets. The overdyed rugs that are on our online store are all in stock. The patchwork rugs are also in stock with standard sizes. If you require a non-standard size, we reproduce it in just one week to be shipped to your address. The Moroccan Beni Ouarain carpets are woven by requests. It takes 4 weavers and 6 to 8 weeks to complete a standard size Moroccan carpet. However, if you are lucky, one of our stock Moroccan carpets could be the one you just need!

We employ villagers from the village that our warehouse is located in. Our employees are all women, with extensive expertise on hand knotted Turkish rugs and the actual process of remaking the patchwork rugs from the Anatolian old rugs which date back to 1950's. We allow our employees to weave and stitch the rugs at the comfort of their homes, while they are able to look after their family and earn income at the same time.


We also have a showroom in Sultan Ahmet, Istanbul. Although our sales are mostly online, sometimes our customers do come and visit our showroom. With accurate photographs of our rugs, what you see at the online shop is what you actually get, and hence online rug sales have been easier with advancing internet technology.

We ship our rugs to every corner of the World for free. We do not charge for shipping. FedEx® and UPS® are the international couriers that we work with. We use standard international shipping, which takes 6 to 10 business days to the furthest destination.